How To login Cash App

How To login Cash App

In this modern age, the way of making the payment has changed. Now everything converging to our Smartphone, so the payment also. Today there is no need to carry your wallet to the market for shopping. Thanks to various payment apps to make our lives simpler. The cash app is another payment app that makes money transfer simpler. Without following any tedious process you can send money to anyone with a cash app. Here we have discussed how to get started with the cash app.

If you still Stuck we will help you out. Feel free to submit your issue we will help you.

1- Download cash App

cash app supports iOS and android both. To download the cash app go to the app store and type in the search bar “cash App”, click on the cash app icon and tap on download. After completion of downloading now, you have to sign up.

Sign Up For The Cash App

Follow the below-given steps to sign up.

Step 1:- Tap on the cash App icon to open it.

Step 2:- A signup page will open. Enter your phone number in the given box and tap next.

Step 3:- You will receive a text message with a confirmation code. sometimes it takes a couple of minutes.

Step 4:- Enter the confirmation code in the given space and tap the “next” option.

Step 5:- If you want to use cash APP for your personal use then choose “personal for yourself option”. If you want to use it for business purpose then tap on “professional for business”.

Step 6:- Now you have to link your bank account with cash app by giving your bank details like Debit/credit card details and zip code etc.

If you still Stuck we will help you out. Feel free to submit your issue we will help you.

Sign In To Cash App

To sign on the web you have to enter your registered phone number then click on “Request sign-in code”. After receiving the code enter it to login to your account.

To login to your phone use a cash app pin or fingerprint.

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