I cannot even begin to understand the logic of this.

Every time I try to add $15 or $25 or more cash from my bank card it says failed with no explanation but some days, not every day, it allows me to make six $2 deposits but god forbid a single 5, 4, or 3 dollar deposit, after and before all those successful deposits. (I use strong wifi and tried all the troubleshooting suggestioning this must be built in). Same exact pattern for over a week. Some days I can add up to six $2 dollar deposits until it fails. It allowed me to add up to six deposits of $15 before fail one day, and up to six $25 deposits a day before that before fail. All amounts above those amounts on those days failed. It’s like the amount I could add successfully up to six times every day or two got smaller until everything fails like now. Makes no sense whatsoever. My only bank is Robinhood and it doesn’t exist to cash app so I can only use my Robinhood card, which has worked with the most unusual errors and/or limitations I have ever seen in my life. I might have to withdraw all my money from Robinhood at an ATM and then deposit the cash into the cash app card slowly because that’s the only other way I’m getting my money to cash app if I can’t use my card.

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